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Domain Name Values

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Understanding the value of a domain in the aftermarket is very important. There are many free domain appraisal services but stay clear of them as they can be misleading and inconsistent. Domain names are valued for their brand abilitymeaning and what they can do to enhance the viability of your online presence. Every day premium high quality domain names are sold for thousands, tens of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. Quality domains are becoming a hard item to find, and the values of quality domains keeps going up year over year.

What makes a domain name potentially valuable and how does it impact your business?

The answer is the brandability of the domain. Brandability is comprised of several important factors, including the length of the domain (shorter domains are traditionally more valuable), the ease with which the domain can be pronounced and remembered, and the domain’s descriptive power. For example:
  • Does the domain name aptly describe your company, product, or service offering?
  • Does it contain keywords or phrases in your market?
  • Is it something that can be remembered once it has been heard?
  • Will your domain name tell a prospective customer about your business before they visit your website?
  • Is the name something that can could be used across multiple markets or industries?

The law of supply and demand is stacked in the domain name’s favor

In today’s Internet economy, there are more than 200 million domain names in commercial use. While this number will increase as additional gTLD (generic Top-Level Domain) extensions are added, the number of premium dot com domains will remain limited.
Furthermore, with the acceleration of social networking, internet media, advances in mobile telephony, and unprecedented global connectivity, the demand for valuable dot com domains has continued to exceed the available supply. From this point of view alone, your premium domain purchase is a sound investment. It will always be considered the real estate equivalent of “beachfront property“. Your domain is one of the most important business investments you’re going to make. If you want to complete effectively within your market,  a great domain will give you the leading advantage to succeed.

All Dot Coms – All Keywords

We have premium domains with the highest TLD .com that include keywords that are greatly valued by the search engines when they place your ranking page. The more keywords in your domain url, the higher the search engines will rank it. Your Best Source For Top Ranking Domain Names! we sell premium, brandable domain names at fair market prices, with professional and prompt service.

Customer Service

Once you have purchased one of our domains, we transfer it to an account within to which you can immediately change the password. If you would then like to transfer your new domain to your favorite registrar, we can also offer any assistance necessary.

Escrow Services​

We like to work with for escrow services. If there is an alternative payment option you would prefer, please contact us. is a licensed and regulated U.S. company which reduces the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trustworthy, yet neutral, third-party intermediary that collects, holds, and disburses funds according to Buyer and Seller instructions and requirements. To use, you will see the green ‘Buy Now’ button on the page of the domain. This automatically links directly to to start the purchase process. Buyers will receive the domain before funds are disbursed to us. This often provides an extra layer of security for those who feel they need it. Click here to learn more about’s fees are as low as 0.89% of the purchase price. Here is their calculator:

Escrow Domain Holding – Payment Plan also offers a domain holding service designed for Buyers and Sellers who agree to hold the domain(s) in escrow while the Buyer makes scheduled payments with a term minimum of  three months and a maximum of five years.
If there is an alternative payment option you would prefer, please contact us.